The reason why Bali is the best for my diet.

When I left Bali in December 2018 I was crying. I wasn’t ready to leave just because I could mentally and spiritually grow so much there. While others go partying in places like Canggu I had my little Bungalow close to Ubud right next to the jungle. I was spending my time reading, doing yoga and meditation. I felt so much peace.

To return to the Indonesian Island after only 2 months just feels so right. But one of the main reasons for that decision was the following:

Wherever I need to go for my health, I will go

A few years ago I decided to be Vegetarian. Maybe it was my sister that inspired me or just my growing interest in animal rights. Since then it was a love-hate-relationship and there were times when I wasn’t able to fully cut out the meat of my menu.

As older I got as more I was attached by environmental issues, human- and animal rights. I started thinking of a dead animal on my plate instead of a ham sandwich and this was when I realized how cruelly the eating culture has developed. Just because I’m in the mood for a chicken nugget must a chick die?

Last year I more and more had the need of becoming vegan for health reasons. As I started using oat- and almond milk instead of cow milk in my daily coffee I realized, that I felt so much lighter.

When I traveled to Bali I started to be fully Vegan and I felt freaking great. My digestion was never as good as at this time and I had a lot of new gained energy. It least until I traveled home for Christmas. At home, I started to eat many dairy products, especially cheese, and soon felt heavy and sluggish again. And this was when I could feel the difference and I finally decided, I become Vegan no matter what!

And this decision is one of the reasons I return to Bali for another one or two months. It’s the perfect surrounding for me to learn everything I need to learn for a healthy and Vegan Lifestyle. Bali is full of the best Vegan Restaurants in the world and has through its Yoga tourism already many Vegans.

Diet is something fundamental in the life of a living being. It is so important for me, that I decided to fly around the world and take the time to change my diet step by step.

I will definitely write a little Vegan-Diary in case you are interested. And I will also include it into my Instagram Stories every now and then. SO make sure you follow me @alohaitsolivia. If you are already Vegan, please let me know about your feelings about it in the comments or by emailing me.

Olivia Maurer

Olivia is a Swiss Journalist with a passion for traveling and a mindfull living. I hope you enjoyed this post! Please feel free to leave a comment below, I love hearing from you all.

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