The island Ko Pha Ngan in the Gulf of Thailand is known for its monthly Full Moon Party. The party is based on the moon calendar and attracts partygoers to the southern tip of the island to Sunrise Beach. But who thinks it is all about party misses the amazing diversity the island has to offer.

In addition to countless water sports activities, you can explore the untouched nature or visit the white and peaceful sandy beaches like Hat Khuat and Hat Thian in the north.


You will find the amazing Shiralea Backpacker Resort in a 20-minute motorbike ride west of the pier. The Backpacker Resort is surrounded by a tropical atmosphere with bungalows, dorm rooms, pool area and a bar- and restaurant. It’s one of my favorite Hostels I have been so far, just because the mix between party, nature and meeting people is very rare to find. The staff is very friendly and willing to assist you in planning your day trips and answering questions about the island. The Hostel is for everyone who wants to explore and still want to do a little party. It’s not a party Hostel but the folks will still be down for the legendary parties at the island. Whoever plans to go to the Fullmoon party better books in advance since the Hostel is very popular and often fully booked. Also: There is a Diving School and a nice Beach just around the corner.


The rooms at Echo Beach Hostel might not look as cool as other Hostels but seriously the vibe at Echo Beach Hostel is priceless. It is located 10 minutes by motorbike from the pier directly at the beach front. It has a huge open-air hangout area at the beach and everyone you will meet is super chill. There are free day tours and just a great vibe coming from the staff members. The breakfast buffet is great and water, tea and coffee are free all day.


At the Smile Hostel is all about socializing. The Hostel is runned by a very friendly and welcoming Family and they will make you feel like a part of it. The dorms are not the most luxurious ones but comfy and clean. The fullmoon party is only 15 minutes drive away, even though the Smile Hostel is not a party Hostel, you have to try one of the Cocktails at the Bar.

PS: I usually don’t write about Hostels I don’t like but in this case, I want to be honest. I stayed two nights at Hostel Phanganista. The Hostel counts to the worst Hostels I have ever stayed in and I can’t understand the ranking of a 8.7 on That’s why I want to tell my opinion about it: So first and most importantly the staff is so unfriendly and I think I have never felt such a bad vibe from a Hostel. The bathrooms are very dirty, the people who stay there is a very (!!) young party folk (which is okay but definitely not the best place for real backpackers).

Olivia Maurer

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