Are you Backpacking South East Asia? Then you won’t miss the city of Bangkok where legendary Hangovers stories are written and the amazing street food will lead foodies to heaven. Bangkok has to offer a variety of modern and trendy Hostels. Stay at the crazy Backpacker street Khao San Road or meet interesting people from all over the world in urban areas of Bangkok. Don’t miss the Best Hostels in Bangkok.

Write your own Hangover Story in one of the Best Hostels in Bangkok.


My go-to Hostel when I’m in Bangkok is the Bed Station Hostel at Ratchathewi. The Hostel is located in the trendy area of Siam. It’s only a 5-minute walk away from the boat taxi or Skytrain station. One of the facts that make Bed Station a great place to go is, that the hangout areas are used to connect with other travelers, also the Hostel has a perfect size to still have a family-feeling. I always have a blast when coming here. The rooms and the bathrooms are modern, urban and always clean. There are airconditioning and lockers in each room.

There recently opened a new Bed Station Hostel in the Khaosan neighborhood, I have been there only once and it seems to be the same Standard as Bed Station Ratchathewi.


The Once Again Hostel decently belongs to the fancier Hostels in Bangkok. It’s walking distance away from Bangkok’s Main Attractions such as Wat Pho or Wat Arun. It also includes an amazing breakfast and a nice restaurant. Make sure you are going for the free bike tour the friendly staff members have to offer. Once Again Hostel also has a Pool on the rooftop where you can chill after partying or a shopping day. You might not find family-vibes because it’s kind of a big building but you will definitely meet people and have a fun time in Bangkok while staying at this Hostel.


What happens at Slumber Party Hostel stays there. If you want to experience the nightlife of Bangkok, you can’t miss the Slumber Party Hostel. While the party nights might get a bit wild and dirty, the Hostel itself is very clean, modern and comfy. Whoever is a solo traveler will not leave the Slumber Party Hostel alone. The atmosphere will guarantee you many new friends. I experienced the other Guests as very caring and respectful people which is very rare for a Party Hostel.


Suneta Hostel Khasoan has the ideal location to reach Bangkok’s nightlife. Although the legendary Khasoan Road is only a few minutes walk away, you can also enjoy peace and quiet at the Suneta Hostel. For breakfast there is plenty of toast, coffee and tea. For the big hunger, fruits, pancakes and omelets are also served for a low extra charge. If you are staying at the Suneta Hostel Khasoan, you will quickly connect with the other guests. The rather small hostel invites to conversations and game nights.

Olivia Maurer

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