I decided last minute, to go all the way from Bangkok to Koh Phangan to be a part of the legendary Fullmoon Party. There are four options to get from Bangkok to Koh Phangan: Plane, Boat, Bus or Train.

I really wanted to try one of the Night Buses in Thailand since I heard many good travel stories about these luxurious and super comfy buses.


I mostly book my transfers in Asia with 12goasia. It’s easy to book and it has been well organized so far. They mostly charge a bit more than if you would book directly through the service companies but if you have to transfer to other vehicles just like ferries or minivans, 12goasia will book the full journey in one ticket which makes your trip way easier.

I heard so many amazing things about the VIP 24 Nightbus that I HAD to experience it ones. Basically, it’s a Bus with only 24 seats which provides the customers tons of space.

That’s the one I’m talking about 🙂


Food: They give you a small bottle of water, a coke and some sweet snacks and also a small dinner at the stop over, so make sure, to go shopping before your bus ride. All you find at the bus station is a 7/11 and a KFC. If you want something more healthy you have to buy your snacks before you go to the Bus Station.

Cloths: Your Backpack will obviously be out of reach during the drive. Make sure to bring your sweater in your hand luggage since the AC is killing. They have a pillow and a blanket provided for each person on the bus.

PS: Bring some tissues or Toilet paper for the ride.


The Bus leaves at Bangkok Southern Bus Terminal (Sai Tai Mai). The best way to get to the Bus Terminal is by Taxi. You need to be there one hour for the departure. That’s because you need to get your actual ticket first at the counter. The building with the Bus Terminal can be a bit confusing because it’s also a shopping mall. Ask your way through or follow the departure signs.

Once you made it to your bus, the driver will lead you to your seat. So if you want to sit with your friends, make sure you get in the bus together.


The Bus drive from Bangkok to Koh Phangan will take 15 hours. The Bus seats are actually as comfy as I heard they would be. You can bring your seat to lie down and store your feet up. You have plenty of legroom and even a back massage button.

The Bus has a toilet which was actually pretty good for a Thai Bus Toilet. Just make sure to bring some Toilet paper.

The Bus does a stopover at a huge parking slot with many other Busses for a break at around 11pm. Show your ticket and they serve you a dinner meal included in your bus ticket price. The dinner was a plate with mixed Thai food. I ate from it and I’m still alive so I guess I can recommend it to try. 🙂

After the stopover, I fell asleep pretty fast and would not wake up until the driver woke us up for the transfer. I actually don’t really know where he made us go out of the bus but it was in front of a tourist information somewhere in nowhere. There we had to wait and they separate us to different groups of people who would go to Koh Phangan, Koh Samui or Koh Tao.

We had to wait for about an hour until our Van picked us up and brought us to the ferry. The ferry left at 8 and took us to Koh Phangan.

The full service was really good and more comfy then I imagine it to be. Since the journey is overnight I think the 15-hour ride passes by pretty quickly.


Ones I arrived on Koh Phangan I took a motorbike taxi to my Hostel. Other option and definitely cheaper would be to just rent a scooter at the harbor. They will ask you for your Passport as a deposit, which is weird at first but absolutely normal on this island. Just make sure you take enough pictures of the scooter you got since some companies try to pay more if they see a scratch that wasn’t even yours.

The VIP Bus 24 from BKK to Koh Phangan
My friend Alex and I waiting for the Mini Van

Olivia Maurer

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