Day 3: The morning Dive Crew!

I’m so excited about this and I don’t even know where to start. Okay, from the beginning. I already had a feeling of how much I’m going to enjoy diving. I can swim since I can think and I’m definitely in my element whenever I can be surrounded by water.

Going to Koh Tao was an unplanned decision, but since I knew that the island is famous for its cheap diving schools, I went for a 3 days Open Water Diver Course at DPM Diving. And since I’m a lucky child and was the only English Speaking student at the Diving School I had my Diving Teacher Mery all for myself.


I came across the word PADI for so many times and always thought it means Open Water. But I was wrong, it’s only the name of a Dive Association. But there is another Dive Association called SSI. DPM Diving school is teaching with SSI standards which stands for Scuba School International and is with PADI the most famous Dive Association. I personally was very happy with SSI, because I could do everything with my App including tracking my Dives and reading the Theorie while other people in my Hostel were doing the PADI and had to always carry a book. But I guess the differences between PADI and SSI are not too big besides that especially not when you only want to do your Open Water.


Honestly, I was so overwhelmed by all the diving schools that I was googling “The Best Dive School in Koh Tao” for about six times. But none of the Scuba Diving Schools on Koh Tao felt right to me. So I somehow ended up staring at theDPM DIVING School which is also a Hostel and the guy started to talk with me. The school is mostly teaching in Spanish since the owner is from Argentina. But I immediately felt welcome and randomly did my Open Water at DPM DIVING and loved it. I can recommend it to everyone and don’t miss the BBQ nights!

Chill vibes at DPM Diving on Koh Tao
BBQ Night at DPM Diving on Koh Tao


Day 1: Learn the Basics

My first day started at 9:30 with a short Theorie block about the most important facts in Scuba Diving. We also had to learn the signs since you obviously have to communicate with sign language under water. Then I got introduced to the Diving Gear.

In the afternoon I was ready for my first dive. Very practiced in very shallow water all the theories we talked about in the morning. As soon as I felt comfortable enough we went for a little Dive down to 8 meters. A fascinating world under the surface started to fill my heart with joy. And my first day was already finished by that. As homework I had to read lots of Theorie for the next day.

Day 2: a dream came true

I was diving with Whale Sharks in Koh Tao!

Again, we started our day with a short Theorie party and then went out with the boat. Today Mery and I went down to 18 Meters and because it was only her and I, we had plenty of time to actually dive.

The most special experience you can make while diving in Koh Tao is seeing a Whale Shark. I knew I’m not going to leave the Island before I haven’t seen a Whale Shark. And confident as I am I already asked on my first day, if there is any possibility to see one. My driving teacher told me, I need to be an experienced diver to go to the place where the whale sharks usually are. And guess what? On that day, a miracle happened and a Whaleshark showed up.

Mery took my hands and we dove as fast as possible to be close enough to the Whale shark to touch him. Oh gosh, I couldn’t believe what I saw. I was crying like a baby so overwhelmed by this creature. This experience was clearly one of the highlights of my life so far.

Day 3: The Exam

Todays Dive was at 6am to avoid the crowd. We went straight to diving without any theory and I had to enjoy a beautiful reef with majestic corals, many Nemo aka Clownfishes, Fish schools, a huge coral Rock to discover and so on.. It was a beautiful last dive before I had to proof my know-how I gained in the last days in the Exam. And guess what? I’m officialy a Open Water Diver!

I lost some thoughts about continuing with the advanced course but decided then to rest a bit a enjoy some nice beach days in Koh Tao.


Scuba diving for the first time is clearly out of anybody’s comfort zone but so worth it! It is one of the biggest wonders, in my opinion, a human is possible to do. You just dive into a different world. How wonderful is that? And then when you see creatures like colorful corals, fish schools, turtles and if you are lucky to even whales, that’s when life makes sense and you forget all your worries. So give it a try, it won’t be scary with the right diving teacher, I promise!

Unfortunately, I don’t have many pics of these days on Koh Tao. They are on someones Go Pro but I have no idea whos Go Pro it was. Anyways, here are some wannabe photos of other people diving in Koh Tao.

Olivia Maurer

Olivia is a Swiss Journalist with a passion for traveling and a mindfull living. I hope you enjoyed this post! Please feel free to leave a comment below, I love hearing from you all.

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