How to spend the best 10-days in Vietnam

How to spend the best 10-days in Vietnam

See what Vietnam has to offer in the north in only 10 days.

If you are looking for the ideal route through North Vietnam, you will find it here. You can do this route in 10 days without stress. Especially in the north of Vietnam, you will find many popular travel destinations.

Day 1: Hanoi

Hanoi Vietnam Travelguide

Start your journey in the city of Hanoi. It’s best to look for your hotel right in the old part of the city, so you can visit the night market easy by walking. Relax from the flight in one of the countless spas and do not miss the traditional Thang Long water puppet show, which takes place every evening.

Day 2-3: See the rice Terrace in Sapa

Continue your journey by night bus or train from Hanoi to Sapa. Here you will find the famous rice terraces. Put on your hiking boots and go on a 2-day trek through the breathtaking scenery of Sapa. For example, you can book this tour with the Sapasisters (

Day 4-5: Swim in Halong Bay and Lan Ha

Next stop: Cat Ba Island. I recommend to go there directly and make a boat trip from Cat Ba to Lan Ha and the famous Halong Bay. The Lan Ha Bay is right next to Halong Bay but is not quite that flooded with tourists. Rent the boat directly at the harbor, so the boat does not have to share with innumerable other tourists. The best way to get to the harbor is to take a motorbike ride through the beautiful island of Cat Ba.

Day 6-7: Visit Instagram Haven in Tam CoC

Tam Coc Vietnam Travel Guide

Take a Bus to Ninh Binh, from there you get to Tam Coc, which is so close by. The bus drivers will take you straight to the hostel for a normal trip otherwise, you’ll get into a taxi for only a few dollars. Here I can highly recommend the Rice Field Resort ( The small bungalows are relatively more expensive, but if you want to stay in the middle of beautiful nature, it is worth it. The resort is only a few minutes by bike to the first landmark. A boat trip on the river is also not far away. But beware: The guides like to trick you. For example, on the boat tour, the sellers ask if you want to buy something for the boater and then hand it back to the saleswoman behind your back. Otherwise, the locals are very helpful and nice. In this environment, it is worthwhile to rent a motorbike and explore everything yourself. Btw: There are countless Instagram locations.

Day 8-9: Beach day in Hue or Cave Exploring in Phong NhaVietnam Travel Guide Hue and Da Nang

In the night train to Hue or Da Nang. If you ask me, these two cities are more a stopover than a real destination. But still, there is a lot to do in both cities. For example in Hue, the Imperial Tomb of Minh Mang or the Bach Ma National Park. Da Nang, on the other hand, is a very young and vibrant city. The food scene is big. I would highly recommend a barista course at The Espresso Station. The owner is a true coffee fanatic and likes to teach tourists and locals about coffee. If you miss the European food, you should look over at L’italiano. Here you can experience Italian hospitality and maybe even a concert on the roof terrace. A bit outside of Da Nang you will find the Marble Mountains or the Bana Hills where, in addition to an amusement park, you will also find the Golden Bridge. And also: Either in Hue nor Da Nang you can find plenty of beaches.

=> Day 8-9: Option for nature lovers and adventurers:

If you have two to three extra days, you must not miss the Phong Nha National Park. This one is pretty much in the middle of Vietnam. The park is known for its many caves. Here you can breathe fresh air and avoid the big cities because in the National Park it is extremely clean. The area is surrounded by rice fields and just nowhere you will probably find your accommodation. In the National Park, you can explore caves, make boat tours and swim in baby blue lagoons. Definitely worth a visit!

Day 10: Take a Motorbike to Hoi An

If you’re looking for more adventure then rent a motorbike and drive to Hoi An, otherwise, take a short taxi or bus ride. In the city of lanterns, you should look at the old town. In the evening, of course, go back to the Night Market. As a backpacker, I can recommend you the Tribee Bana. It is very centrally located. For convenience, I can recommend the Boutique Hotel La Residencia, also centrally located. If you have inquired about the city, you can take a trip to the beach. Although there are certainly nicer beaches, you can certainly relax here.


Transport in Vietnam:

The easiest way to travel in Vietnam is by bus or train. These are uncomplicated and bookable everywhere. I like to book on the website of but there are certainly many other providers. Incidentally, I can recommend the App Klook for excursions.

This is the ultimate Travel Route for 2-Weeks in North Vietnam.
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