How to make friends while travelling

I often hear people saying: I could never travel alone. A statement that I give no meaning to. And this is why: On Planet Earth, there are literally 7.53 billion people living. Even though there is nobody from my usual environment traveling with me, I am never alone. For the past three months I have not been alone for a single day. It is even very difficult to be alone and I have to rent an extra Airbnb or private room to have some me-time.

Once you’re on your own, you’ll meet non-stop interesting people from all around. And suddenly the world is full of like-minded people. I will share my 8-bed room tonight in Bangkok with seven strangers who will no longer be strangers tomorrow. Making friends while traveling is, in my opinion, the easiest thing in the world. Anyway, a lot easier than at home. However, there are still some tricks that will make it even easier for you to make friends.

1. say the first hello
The first hello is what matters. When I enter a new hostel, then I introduce myself to all roommates I meet.

2. Ask Questions
How does a conversation begin with a stranger? Ask questions. There are quite a lot of them. Start with: What is your name? Where are you from? Where are you going next? What are you doing today? Can I come with you? .. I prophesy you gonna be best buddies.

3. Group activities
The first thing I do in a new hostel or in a new place is to book a tour. Although I think 90 percent of these group tours are totally touristy and boring, it is the best way to meet new people. I have not been anywhere where I spend the evening and the next few days alone after a trip.

4. Be brave
This is the hardest point but sometimes totally important. Not always do you meet people in the hostel. So there is only one possibility: talk with random people for example, on the beach or in a coffee. When you’re alone, you suddenly realize how many around you are drinking coffee all by themselves. Sit down next to them and talk with them. Ask questions and get to know each other.

With these four points you are totally save and there is no chance to be alone now. You will soon realize how the rabbit is running and have many friends. I can only advise you to be brave and you realize that there is nothing much better than to get in touch with strangers, hear their stories and explore the world.

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash


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