Enviromental and Social Impact of a Vegan

Reasons to become Vegan. Veganism has the biggest Impact for Climate Change, Global Warming.


Being Vegan makes me a happier person, yes that’s the truth but as more I get into it as more I learn about the environmental benefits of Veganism. It has so many healthy and good benefits that I wish I have started eating Vegan earlier.

Most of the people I know don’t eat animal products because of their love and respect for animals. Just like I did. But there are so many other aspects that make Veganism so important, such as your own health and most importantly the environmental impact.

1. ENVIROMENT: Bring back the reefs!

We are not gonna lie: Climate Change is happening. While traveling I can mostly see the tragic impact in the Ocean. Reefs are pretty much death. Do you know why? Because there is a thing called, greenhouse gas emissions which is the reason of global warming. So basically, the meat industry is the biggest for Global Warming which causes melting Glaciers, Dying Reefs and Hurricanes, etc. And this is why:

“The impact of animal agriculture on greenhouse gas emissions goes a lot further than just cows producing methane gas. Meat production requires vast amounts of energy. Not only do you have to grow the crops to feed the animals, but fossil fuels are also burnt in the raising, slaughtering and transportation of animals. In fact, livestock and their by-products account for 51% of annual worldwide greenhouse gas emissions2. So if you choose to eat meat, your greenhouse emissions can be twice that of someone on a plant-based diet3.” (Reference: ombar.de)

2. YOUR HEALTH: Yes, we need Protein

The truth is: Whoever thinks he needs meat for its protein is wrong. Where do you think the animals have their protein from? Yep, from plants. So pretty much when you are eating meat, you eat the protein that the animal once ate. So why don’t you just eat the Protein your animal once ate directly?

3. OTHERS: People are dying

Have you ever seen people almost dying of thirst? I have seen people without water in Tanzania and I tell you, it’s the worst feeling ever. The meat industry uses tons of water.

“Nearly half of all the water used in the United States goes toward raising animals for food. Here’s proof that meat wastes water: It takes more than 2,400 gallons of water to produce just 1 pound of meat. Only 25 gallons of water are required to grow 1 pound of wheat.” (Reference: peta.org)

4. ANIMALS: Wanna have pork for dinner after watching this?

The animal love reason is probably the one you have known as the main reason for being a Vegan. And I understand why. But long story short: This Video of a German Girl that sneeks into a pig farm says more than a thousand words.

Olivia Maurer

Olivia is a Swiss Journalist with a passion for traveling and a mindfull living. I hope you enjoyed this post! Please feel free to leave a comment below, I love hearing from you all.

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