A few days ago I asked on my Instagram if you are interested in a list of the books I’ve read during my current trip through South East Asia. And the answer was: yes, yes, yes! And honestly, I love talking about books so much that I will someday open a book club or write a book or become a book.

As you might have recognized, I’m going through a period of my life in which I’m focusing especially on my self-growth and healing. And yes, I am soul searching a lot. So I ended up reading only books that either inspire me, motivate me or helping me to improve myself and in my self-growth journey (which should always be the case in whatever you consume). So don’t except any Science Fiction and Romances in this list of my favorite books.


1. You are a Badass

A very easy to read book for absolute everyone. It’s basically just a little reminder of how badass you are and what is possible in life. It’s not too much whoo-hooo but still talks about spirituality in a very good sense of humor. It gives you tips in how to deal with daily situations and a kick in your bum to maybe wake up and start doing things. Anyways, I liked that book so much, that I carry it home in my backpack just to read it one more time. And I usually don’t read things twice.

2. The Monk who sold his Ferrari

I’m currently reading this book and almost finished it. It’s not life changing but I still like it, as it reminds me a lot about myself, when I fall into my office job and find myself just existing for a 9-to-5 job. It’s very easy to read and to understand. It has some simple reminders of how you can change with small rituals your daily habits in a better way.

3. The Why Cafe

A classic! It is for everyone questioning its purpose in life. It makes you asking essentials questions to yourself and finding your own path. I actually read it during my vacation in Sweden last summer and it gave me an optimistic feeling about my future plans and helped me bringing me closer to some of my goals.

4. Think and Grow Rich

Also a classic! It’s not just about money, it’s more about wealth in life. It’s a reminder of how you can get what you want. It shows how successful people actually got successful. It is definitely not such an easy lecture like the other books on this list, like, I made me think a bit more and I was reading it very slowly, took a lot of notes but still I think it belongs to the books that everyone should read once.

5. Let me tell you a story

I just read this book for the second time after it came across me a few years ago, when I moved out of my parent’s house. It’s about a man who searches for happiness and answers about his daily life. The book is made out of many little stories and each of these has a very clear message that you can take with you for your own life. (PS: The story about the elephant and also the story about the king and the pot are always in my mind and shaped me a lot in the way of thinking.)

6. The big 5 for life

The big five for life is from the same author John P. Strelecky than the why cafe. Comparing to the why cafe it’s more made for leaders or future leaders in a business aspect. Either, I’m not a business leader today, I could learn a lot for my personal life such as a personal aspect nor in a future business aspect. I actually wrote down my big five for life and I’m working on them every single day since I read the book.

Okayyyy muchachas, I sometimes read in German, so the next two books are according to my research only existing in german language. This list will keep you busy for the next few weeks and I will keep updating this list. So make sure to keep an eye on it. And just in case you are also really into this whole self-development shit. Check out my 20 Questions for Self-Growth List.

If you have any recommandations, please let me know!

Add: Only for German Speakers

Erfolgreich Wünschen 3.0

Eines meiner Lieblings Bücher von diesem Trip ist ausserdem Erfolgreich Wünschen 3.0 von Pierre Franckh. Es beschreibt die Law of Attraction und wie der Glauben beziehungsweise das Mindset einfach das ganze Leben steuern kann. Das Buch stimmt einem rasch in ein positives Denken und allgemein einen wohlen Gemütszustand ein. Ausserdem hat es Übungen drin, die ich selbst versucht habe und mich zuversichtlich stimmen, dass sich meine Wünsche bald erfüllen werden. Das klingt jetzt vielleicht alles ein bisschen Hokuspokus, aber wenn man das Buch mit der Einstellung für ein positives Mindset liest, dann verschwinden die Hex-Hex Hintergedanken schnell.

Der Ernährungskompass

Ein etwas anderes Thema: Ernährung. Aber genauso esentiell für das Glück in deinem Leben. Dieses Buch aht viele Vorurteile die ich Gegenüber gewissen Ernährungsweisen hatte aufgeklärt. Ich habe einige der empfohlenen Essgewohnheiten umgesezt und ich finde Sie genial! Gerade im Zusammenhang mit Gesundheit, hat sich in meiner Ernährung und meiner Physischen Gesundheit einiges durch dieses Buch verändert. Es ist vielleicht nicht das unterhaltsamste Buch der Welt, aber viel lernreiches wirst du daraus bestimmt für dein eigenes Leben mitnehmen können.


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