Lombok is an Indonesian island east of Bali and west of Sumbawa, it belongs to the Lesser Sunda Islands. The island is famous for its breathtaking white sand beaches and the perfect waves for surfers.

The Tourism in Lombok is especially after the earthquake in 2018 very poor and whoever goes on an adventure around the island will find untouched beaches and endless hilly landscapes. Most of the tourists I met were surfers from all around the world enjoying the chill atmosphere and the tides on this picture-perfect island.

The ultimate Guide to Kuta, Lombok

How to get there

There are two options to get to the island: by boat or by plane. I came from Bali and chose to take the 25 minutes flight from Denpasar to Lombok. I paid 22 Dollars for each way by plane. You can also fly in from Singapur and Kuala Lumpur. But, most of the backpackers take the boat from Bali to the famous Gili Islands or Nusa Penida and from there to Lombok. The cheapest way to get a boat is to drive with the motorbike to the Harbor and go on a ferry including your motorbike. Buying the ticket at the harbour is always the cheapest option.

Where to stay

Kuta and Senggigi are the most common places to stay in Lombok. I spend my time in Kuta since I had only five days on the island. I tried two different Hostels in Kuta, my first one was The Living Room and my second one was Pipes Hostel. I can recommend both of the Hostels but Pipes Hostel definitely stole my heart with its surfer and skater vibes.

What to do

Welcome to surfers paradise! Check out Lombok’s amazing beaches and Surfspots.

Best Beaches near Kuta, Lombok

Tanjung Aan, Selong Belanak, Mawun Beach, Are Goleng, Torok Air

Best surfer spots near Kuta, Lombok

For beginner surfer: Selong Belanak
For advanced surfers: Gerupuk, Are Guling, Ekas, Novotel, Tampes Bayan,
For pro surfers: Desert Point (Bangko-Bangko), Seger Reef, Mawi

Best Sunset point in Kuta, Lombok

Bukit Merese Hill in Kuta
I’ve seen one of my favorite sunrises of all time on Merese Hill in Lombok. Almost every night the Hill is pretty crowded so don’t expect to be there all by yourself. Bring a beer and a towel and enjoy the view babe!

Best things to do besides the Beachlife

Visit the stunning waterfall Air Terjun Benang Kelambu.
Adress: Desa, Aik Berik, Batukliang Utara, Kabupaten Lombok Tengah, Nusa Tenggara Bar. 83552

Pearl Farm
Did you know, that all the beautiful Pearls they sell in Bali are coming from Lombok? Check out the Autore Pearl Farm and learn about the treasure from the ocean.
Adress: Jl. Raya Pemenang, Teluk Nara, Pemenang, Lombok

Food and Nightlife

You will find plenty of awesome restaurants in Kuta, Lombok but here are my favs:

El Basar
The moroccan, oriental and mediterranean cuisine of El Basar has by far the best quality of food I had in weeks. Even though it is not the cheapest place to eat, it is absolutely worth the price if your belly is seeking for pure satisfaction and happiness.

The bohemian style coffee at the corner is my everyday breakfast and coffee spot in Lombok. Amazing service, delicious food, and I love the little shop they have. Also, KENZA is a great place to bring your laptop to get some work done in paradise.

Seasalt Lombok
I tried Seasalt Lombok on my first night in Lombok and I had an amazing Catch of the Day fish. It’s heaven for every seafoodie.

Nightlife in Lombok is on fire. Usually, they have one party each night at a different place, you won’t miss the places. Just ask a local or in your Hostel and they will tell you where the party is going on that night. But here are my favs:

KRNK is famous for the burgers they grill in front of you. But after dinner, KRANK turns into a nightlife spot where you definitely want to dance through the warm nights of Lombok.

You can find awesome Live Music at surfer bar, have a barefoot dance and a midnight swim in the ocean.

Check out the best Pizza in town and legendary Party nights at the Busbar.

 Saftey in Lombok as a Solo Female Traveler

Since it is a Muslim island, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I wasn’t sure how safe I should feel as a female solo traveler. But only after meeting a few locals I realized how amazing these people are. Locals would call me “sister”, which shows how open-hearted and kind people are in Lombok. The guys might try to flirt and check out the girls but they wouldn’t go further. I even had a good experience when I walked home one night and was a bit scared and as soon as I told one of the Kuta guys, he drove me back to the Hostel. So girls, there is no reason to be scared.

Also: People are suffering from poverty so please understand, that they will try to steal your things if you leave them on the beach or out of your eye contact.

Charity and Volunteering in Lombok

Earthquake and poverty:

You will come across many children and families asking for money. Lombok people are definitely not going through the easiest time especially after the earthquake many people lost everything they had. You will be surprised how good the english of the children is, and how smart they try to make you buy their bracelets. This is because of some awesome people who volunteer in teaching them english and help them rebuild their lifes. So in case you are bored for an afternoon, go to a local school and teach them! They will be more than happy to have you. You will find many great volunteer opportunities in Lombok here: gooverseas.com, workaway.info and volunteering.org.au.

Animals welfare

The stray dogs and cats are a huge problem on Lombok Island. You see them everywhere many of the animals are sick, injured and unfortunately often even starving. By trying to help one of the dogs to get rid of his mite allergy I had to learn that ONLY ONE Vet exists on the Island. I was lucky enough to meet this amazing Vet who does daily overtime and spend his own money to help the dogs and cats in Lombok. A huge help for him would be of course financial help but also some help from other Vet wh help him with castrations. Please take a look at the amazing work they do to help these thousands of animals: kuta-lombokdogs.com, lombokanimalrescue.blogspot.com.

Olivia Maurer

Olivia is a Swiss Journalist with a passion for traveling and a mindfull living. I hope you enjoyed this post! Please feel free to leave a comment below, I love hearing from you all.

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