Why I Travel to find my Purpose

I recently had a conversation with a Backpacker in a Hostel I was working at. To be honest, it was the same conversation I’ve had with dozens of backpackers before. It was all about this one hell of a question:

What on earth do you want to do with your life?

And this, ladies and gentleman is the 1-million-dollar question of almost all Millennials. Everybody is on the search for something more. That something needs to be bigger than just an office job, bigger than selling cars or study finance. We are looking for a PURPOSE. Without our purpose, we get lost in an system we created.

So there I was – a bit tipsy I have to add – explaining why I think we need to travel to find our purpose. And this is my answer:

As Kids we dream big. We reach for the stars, look outside the box with the knowledge that we can achieve whatever our heart desires. Then we get older and are taught that only one way leads to the summit. The way everyone goes. And before we even start our adult life, we end up as one in a million fish in the fish swarm. We will be told to follow all the other fishes. And all we try is to fit in, to keep up with the current and not to attract too much attention.

And then we travel. When we travel, we suddenly realize that besides that one river we have swum so far, there are also lakes and oceans to discover. Instead of an underwater view, we start to fly and look at things in a bird’s-eye perspective and voilà: We see more waters on the map then we could have ever imagined. There are mountains we can climb and wide seas we can cross.

And then we start making decisions. All alone. We lose the other fishes that once showed us the directions. We continue in our pace and take new paths. And instead of being surrounded by others that look exactly like us, we can suddenly see a clear unfiltered underwater world. A world full of colorful corals and all kind of beings. We have time to stop by the things that fascinate us without being judged. We enjoy the undiscovered and move on when we have enough and want to find someting new. We take our time to create possibilities and passion for the unknown. And while the other fishes are still swimming in the same river like they used to, we are getting closer to something called our purpose. We find this purpose all alone, far away from all the other fishes stuck in this one river in a world full of waters.


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