«I want to be successful in what I’m doing.» I guess that’s just something everyone is looking for in life. Success. But let’s get more specific in the heavy emotions I carry with me speaking about my own success.

I’m traveling. I’m not earning any money. I quit my job. I haven’t even finished my studies. And all I can think about is tapping across the world trying to find some answers? For the outside world, it seems, I’m having the time of my life and maybe they are right. But wait, am I even allowed to have so much fun and to be that fortunate? I mean, after all, I haven’t achieved anything great, have I?

All these questions make me feel not good enough, at least success wise and I’ve been struggling a lot with my self-esteem when it comes to the definition of my own success. I’ve also been very quiet about it. It bothered me, so I couldn’t speak about it. That’s just how I deal with acute issues I’m having about myself and is also the reason why I’m coming up with this topic so late.

With this huge question mark behind my own success, I recently met this random guy at a restaurant in Bali. We had this conversation which somehow ended up talking about our past jobs, our future dreams, what we are passionate about and so on… Anyways, at some point, I said something like: “I know I will be successful once I figured out what I want.” To explain myself: I feel like a mindful mess, having too many ideas and not being able to stick with one and be consistent and patient about it.

The guy, let’s call him Eric, looked at me with wide eyes. Erics respond on my excuse not being successful sounded something like that: “Girl, you are in your early twenties sitting in Bali, you just told me about your amazing past jobs, you already have specific visions what you want to do in life, you are much more mature than many people are double your age,


I thought: “Boy, this is too much pinky-glitter powder in my a**, but thanks.” Later that night Eric told me, that he didn’t want to cheer me up by saying this to me. He just wanted to remind me, how much I’ve already achieved.

Actually, all I needed was someone like Eric to tell me how successful I already am. Being myself and comparing success with other peoples success can get very frustrating. I forgot for a moment how much work it actually was to be where I am today. Maybe my success is not measurable with money, but with all the possibilities I have created for an even more successful future.

So all I want you to do is either being Eric and remind someone how much they already achieved or being me, and take a moment to look back how successful you already are.

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