I’m spending these days on the beautiful island of Bali. I somehow fell in love with this place called Ubud, where the world comes together to practice a mindful living with Yoga.

And between all these hot Insta-Yoga-Angels there is me. A pretty sweaty version of me, trying to bring my Chakra in the right position. Not so easy, I’m telling you. NOT SO EASY.

I’m sportive and as an ex-dancer is moving my body part of my mentality but Yoga is more than just a workout. It comes with breathing, chanting, meditation and what I call: Yogasm.

At some point, the hot (talking about the males. höhö) Yoga Teacher wants you not only to breathe like a walrus, but he also wants you to moan the hell out of you. “Let it all out, …Haaaahhhhh!”, he says. Is it just me or do you also feel kind of an alien at a rock concert, when it’s moaning time? Em… Is there any way to disappear under the yoga mat?

Anyways, I could so far successfully ignore this part of the class and pretend my moaning with a stage-perfect lipsync performance. It worked pretty well until today’s Hatha Class which I attempted in an angry mood. The Insta-Yogis would probably say: I had a bad-yoga-day. My Chakra was definitely missing. I lost it when I was stuck in traffic or when the waitress forgot my order and I had to wait an extra hour for my food (which wasn’t even good!).

So the Angry-Sweaty-Me made it all the way through the class until suddenly all my frustration came out with the loudest moaning Yoga-Planet has ever heard. And guess what? I wasn’t even ashamed. It clicked. I finally understood the whole cabaret about moaning. It’s not about turning on the hot Yoga Teachers, no. It’s about letting go of all the trouble. Snort out like a horse. I was moaning out all my worrying about money, breakups, screaming babies, know-it-all bosses and all the other frustration I carry in me. Everything has flown out with a simple (and still awkward): “HAAAAAAHHHHH!!!”

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