The beauty of the unexpected

I hardly can describe how much traveling sometimes teaches me about life. As I‘m writing these lines I‘m sitting in the middle row AND middle seat of a 15 hours flight, (including a two hours delay) across the Siberian ocean. And as this couldn‘t be stressful enough I will most likely miss my connection flight in Seoul. Yap, Seoul, isn’t that South Korea? The fact that I eventually end up spending my night on a Korean Airport with no money in my pockets to buy me another ticket, freaks the hell out of me. But there is no other option than accepting the unexpected.

And to tell you the truth: I guess that’s the situation I was secretly seeking for, while I was stuck in my 9-to-5-yawn-office-job. I wanted to live. I wanted to laugh the heart out of me until it hurts, to feel the pain of discovering myself, to be anxious and feel the sweaty, chubby biceps of my seat neighbor right next to me. I wanted to be alive. And here is what I get for wanting that and you know what?! That‘s fine. IT IS OKAY to be scared. I take it just the way it is. I will find trust and accept the situation life got me into. Maybe not right now but eventually after I could free myself from the two sleeping men on each side of me and see the bathroom for a second. Meanwhile, stay brave and alive folks!

— 5.5 hours later —

… I made it! To the bathroom AND to Seoul. I missed my connecting flight. And all my luggage. They said it’s still in Florida. Hihi. Somehow I’m not angry. I was scared for a minute but as soon I realized they take care of me at the airport I felt happy for the experience. Now, I’m sitting at the Hyatt Hotel (hellooooo Hyatt, I haven’t had so much luxury in a while..) And Delta Airlines even booked me a new flight for tomorrow (for free), well actually the flight is today morning. It’s 3.47am – I’m jetlagged af! Anyways, besides the fact that I have to wear the same clothes for another day, I am quite happy that it happened. I had a little adventure and a break from sitting in an airplane for 20 hours. And now, I can’t wait to see the breakfast buffet. Byyeeee.

Photo by Ross Parmly

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