Growing up in a village in the countryside of Switzerland, I always knew, that something in me, needs to get out of here. I remember sitting in primary school watching out of the window while my thought flew away with the wind. I was a dreamer.

As a kid, you believe that you are the queen of fucking everything and the whole world is so reachable. And then, when we all get older, we somehow lose that sparkle of life and get lost by what society has created. I got lost in there too. But with one difference: I still believe that everything you have ever dreamed of is actually possible.

In the teenage years I got to a point where I felt like an outsider. I always had the word “freedom” in my mind. I was watching the time passing by just to be old enough to escape that community around me. I thought something was wrong with me because I wasn’t impressed by things that the other girls at my age used to be. Little things you know. Like, when they all freaked out about going on a drink with their dates and I was just sitting there, yawn real’ hard. Going for a drink? I mean… really?! And then you start to talk about the weather or what?! No. No no no no. I was seeking for the real shit. The hiking mt. Everest or jump out of a firing helicopter kind of dates. All I wanted was to feel the fire of life burning under my fingernails.

Nowadays not that much of my mindset changed. I still think that you can have the cupcake AND the chocolate-chip-cookie. All at once. Maybe even in one bite. And I am quite sure, that the only boundaries existing, are only created by ourselves. So thinking of freedom was maybe the easiest way for me to escape of all the liars trying to tell me what I would not be capable of doing.

“Make the rest of your life the best of your life” sounds cheesy? Not for me. I’m part of this whole yolo-culture and all the slushy stuff that comes with it. And if you are able to waste your time by reading these phrases, then you belong to the 43% of the world population with internet access. That means you live in a place where the world is full of opportunities. You are probably well educated and can do what the heck you want. The only thing is: YOU have to DO it.

And this whole motivational thing going on right here is mainly a little reminder to me. Because I do sometimes forget, that I have to actually MAKE things possible. That they won’t ring on my door and give me all I have ever asked for wrapped up in an Amazon package. I actually have to go and get it. I have to lift my butt, choose the things I want to achieve over an episode of Gilmore Girls. In this very moment, I can start learning to play guitar, start being fully vegan, start becoming the person I want to be and doing whatever I wish for. And the fact that all these things are as reachable as we once thought when we were kids, makes it so ironic.

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