On my journey, I am constantly being asked why I decided to travel solo. Especially strangers are very direct in the formulation of their question.  «A failed relationship, hah?» Or: «Taking a deep breath after burn out?» So I asked myself: Does my life really have to be so terrible that I decided to travel alone?

Sure, I’ve heard some tragic stories that make people travel. A deceased parent, mobbing in college or mental health problems. There is everything. So there is me, a happy and I think mostly quite satisfied girl in her mid twenties, who just thinks, life does not have to be damn shit, to travel alone. Actually my life back home is pretty sweet but I just added a bit more spices to it with a bit of travels. 😉

It would be a lie if I said I am not one who is searching for the meaning of her life. But do not we all do it in some way? That does not necessarily mean that I am hopelessly frustrated in my usual environment. So I see my journey as a chance, a big adventure, a gift of the wonderful earth. So my answer to the question of WHY is quite simple: I want to live life to the fullest – for the rest of my life.

And you know what? That’s what you should do, right now, in this moment. Or don’t you think life is too short to be unhappy? Trust in people, trust in life and faith and it will leads you to magic places. And that’s exactly what life is about. Don’t think what other might think. Just live YOUR life. Be brave, follow your heart and you will feel how wonderful life is.

Photo by Morgan Sessions

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