The 10 most important Beauty-Essentials on the Road

The 10 most important Beauty-Essentials on the Road

Guest Post: I grabbed my backpack pretty much 400 days ago and started with my world trip for which I prepared myself for more than a year. It was difficult for me to pack. After all, I did not know exactly what I would need in the many different countries. I only wanted to have the essentials with me so that I could travel with the lightest possible luggage.

Here are my 10 tips for long-term trips and also usual holidays.

About Esther Meier:

25-year-old Esther Meier has been traveling around the world for over 400 days. She shares her thoughts, tips and impressions since her journey in November 2016 on her travel blog For the Swiss, body hygiene and care should not be allowed to be neglected even in far away countries. That’s why she reveals us The Beauty 1×1 on the go.

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10 useful beauty tricks on the road

1. Less is more

Especially in warmer countries, you will not wear make-up everyday. It’s going to run away from you sooner or later anyway. Therefore: Do without a primer or use only a tinted day cream with SPF. Your skin will thank you later because of the integrated sunscreen and shine all the more.

If you are not on eye shadow and co. Then you can buy a palette that contains everything you need or put your own together.

2. Skin Care

When traveling, body care is quickly neglected. A simple day cream is the alpha and omega for beautiful skin. Especially in countries where the sun shines often and strong, it is important to use a day cream. Ideally, it contains a sun protection factor of at least 20.

3. Hair do care!

Never rely on free shampoos in hotels or hostels. Having good hair care on the go also saves you tedious taming and taming your hair. For the travel bag there are practical 100ml bottles for filling. Pack your favorite combination of shampoo and conditioner (bottled in a smaller bottle).

My tip: try out the firm shampoos from Lush. With these you not only save a lot of space, but you can also easily carry in the solid form as carry-on baggage. In addition, the small soap is sufficient for several months and smells even delicious. In addition, Lush is often abroad, where you can find new supplies. My favorite fragrance: Lullaby.

4. Sun protection.

If you want to protect your skin from rapid aging, then sunscreen is a must. And for face AND body.

Oh well, bring sunscreen from home, because it is often more expensive abroad or contains bleach (which is in almost every skincare product in Asia).

5. Make-up – use it twice

Lipstick: Can also be used as a cream blush

Contour powder: also serves as eye shadow and maybe even as brewing powder

Mascara: with a brush you can get an eyeliner

Loose powder: in case of emergency it serves as a dry shampoo or if you distribute it on your feet before a hike, it even protects against painful blisters

Eyebrow pencil: is also an eyeliner

6. Drink water

Ok, you really read everywhere that you should always drink enough water – that’s really no secret anymore. Because as long as your body is supplied with enough water, you will feel better and that in turn will have a positive effect on your skin.

7. Storage

Think of all products as they need to be kept. It’s best to take the simplest possible products with you. Store all your cosmetics in a small bag. Everything that is pressed (eg eyeshadow, powder) you can protect against breaking by putting a cotton pad in the packaging.

So that no liquids run out, you can stretch between the opening and lid a plastic wrap or a plastic bag.

8. Leave equipment at home

I always thought that I was lost without hair straightening iron and therefore packed it. Honestly, in the 400 days I’m traveling, I used it 5x.

I’m glad, because my hair has become a lot longer and healthier and besides, I have my natural curls back.

So, leave the hair dryer, the straightener or the curling iron at home and give your hair the opportunity to regenerate.

9. The baby towel

Yes, baby towels are a real blessing in your backpack. For example, on a long bus ride you can refresh yourself with it for a short while. They also serve as a disinfectant, towel and even toilet paper in case it ever has none (which often happens).

10. My all-rounder

I’m a big fan of coconut oil. The reason: It is so versatile.

Here are some examples:

body oil
hair mask
brush cleaner
Body / facial peeling (mix with sugar)
against sunburn (if it was previously in the fridge, there is still a cooling effect)
against insect bites
nail care
lip care
Additional tip: For the few days in the month of a woman, it is worth it to have a supply of tampons or OB’s. Depending on the country, you will not find these utensils on site. Except for panty liners, which are everywhere. Another very practical solution, especially when traveling, is the menstrual cup.

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